We are based in sunny Leith, Edinburgh.

We build and fix electronic hardware, firmware & software.

Some of the things we love and are good at:

  • System hardware fault diagnosis and repair at board level.
  • Liquid damage and corrosion repair.
  • Reflowing. Reballing and reworking (BGA chip replacement)
  • Surface mount and TTH component replacement (eg fuses, caps and fets, controllers).
  • Firmware password removal.
  • Rebuilding & Flashing corrupt BIOS/EFI.
  • Bespoke hardware
  • Circuit Design.
  • Microcontroller coding
  • PCB layout, fabrication and assembly.
  • 3D Printed Parts and casings.
  • Arduino. (Every tech should have some)So if you need help with a small DIY project, want to develop a gadget for the masses, or if your robot is misbehaving, then get in touch tek@naelogic.co.uk